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Time to Tie it All Together

Last weekend, I went to an awards banquet for the end of the year party for the major that I am studying. Time to dress up, but how dressed up do you get? Is it semi-formal? Casual? Formal?giphy (1)

In this case, I went semi-formal and in hindsight, was the best decision. But that brought me to the next question, what tie do I wear? Ties are an area in the dress attire that you can really express yourself. There are millions of different colors, patterns, sizes and types. For the awards banquet, I went with a purple paisley bow tie and it went over very well.

When making a decision on ties, there are a few factors to consider:


1.What is the event you are going to?

If its another day at the office, it is better to go with more neutral colors. It may get bland after a while, so try to encourage other coworkers to do a funky tie Friday!


2.What color shirt are you wearing?

You don’t want to clash colors too much because it will gather a lot of attention, and for the wrong reasons. Try to use a color palate similar to this:


3.What size or shape fits you best?

With the recent popularity in skinny ties and bow ties, you must carefully consider your choices when picking your tie. The skinny tie looks better with a slimmer fit shirt. If you wear a slim tie with a relaxed fit shirt, it may make the tie look small on your body.


4.What patterns match the shirt you choose?

This is a very difficult issue that I struggled with for a long time. does a good job describing some of the tips you should follow when choosing a pattern for a tie. One big thing to note, be careful when clashing patterns. It comes with mixed results.


I like to really shake it up when choosing a tie, and using all of these factors, you can experiment with different patterns and colors. What is your favorite pattern on a tie? Let me know below!



Buying Cheap, Looking Rich


Giving you tips on how to wear clothes can be helpful, but if I don’t help you find where to get the best clothes to up your style, am I doing you any justice?
In my pursuit to make you stand out in the office or at your next business meeting, I have located a few places to look for great clothing options at a relatively low rate.
Finally, he’s giving us what we want!
There are a few things that come in to play when looking for great clothing:
  1. Quality over quantity. If you are offered six shirts for $100, it may seem like a great deal. Look at the linens the shirt is made of. The fitting of the shirt and the way it lays is important.
  2. Make sure it fits. You don’t want to spend your time in a pair of pants that are one sit down away from splitting at the seams. Check the size and if it is a little loose, see a tailor to help put your wardrobe together. Take a look at some of these online, custom fit stores.
Here is a small list of higher quality places has listed for a well-rounded wardrobe.
Next, here is another small list of places to shop that may be a little better on the wallet. These stores may typically be found in shopping malls in your area, so this is one way to save time AND money.
Lastly, here is a great place to check for those super deals. Places like Overstock may not have the selection that you want, but the prices are normally fantastic. If you are in a bind and are looking for a quick item to last for a while, check some discount stores. Who knows, you may find something that fits and becomes a staple in your wardrobe!

What do you guys think? Is there a place that works best for you that no one knows about? Where do you buy your clothes? Let me know in the comments below!

Don’t Slack on the Slacks


Some guys have the problem of just finding pants that fit, but when dressing professionally, that is only one aspect to keep in check when picking out the right pair of dress pants.



Sizing is a huge component of looking proper in your professional dress attire. Pants too loose and baggy make you look like a slob and gives off a look like you care about what you look like.


Too tight pants can make it extremely uncomfortable for you, and everyone else, to go about your day. Find a nice relaxed pair of pants that fit snug, but you can move around in comfortably to make a day in dress clothes much more bearable.


Next, make sure that the color of the pants match the color of the suit jacket that you are wearing. Although it is preferred to wear one, if you aren’t wearing a jacket, you have a little more flexibility with your pants choice but make sure that the shoes you wear match the pants! I would also take in to account the color of your dress shirt as well. Lighter color shirts go well with darker color pants.

Lastly, BEWARE OF THE PLEATS! Some may enjoy the design of pleats, but the look that it gives off is unflattering to the body. My opinion would suggest to have only one crease down the middle.

Fashion does change year to year, and sometimes faster, so don’t burn up all of those slacks yet. The look could be in again in a new fashion cycle soon. Do you have any problems with pants? Is sizing the issue or matching a problem? Comment your thoughts!


Sock it to me!

Wearing a suit can really grab attention.You are looking good and stand out from other people in their casual wear.


Unfortunately, with all that attention, it means YOU have to pay attention to detail.Wrinkles, too many buttons buttoned, oversized or undersized clothes can really takedown on the quality of your look. One area that cannot be overlooked is the socks. It’s time to move away from the white tube socks. Save the ankle socks for casual wear. Go to the store and find a high quality dress sock. Your feet will thank you and it will complete your look.

Silver Suit, White Socks
Even with his flashy silver suit, you can’t help but notice the white socks.

It’s the little things that can really put your suit over the top and socks are one thing that can make or break your outfit. It’s an age old question as to what should your socks match.

giphy (1).gif
Pants or shoes?

According to, you ALWAYS match your socks to your pants. It is important to match to the pants because when you sit down or take off your shoes, your socks are exposed. No one wants to be seen wearing brown socks with black pants, even if you have brown shoes.

If you want to have a little fun with it and use some colors or patterns, check out this very thorough write up on the! How do you wear your socks when you wear a suit? Tell me about your style!

5 Subscription Services to Save Time and Money

Not everyone is thrilled to go to the mall and pick out a pair of dress pants, shirt, tie, etc. with other store patrons watching over your shoulder. It can be a little nerve wracking, and possibly embarrassing if you haven’t shopped for clothes that you may not know to much about. I know that I have had trouble with sizing and proper ways to wear some clothing.


Luckily, all of those problems can be avoided by ordering clothes through the mail.



Who would have thought that you could stock your closet with professional clothes without leaving the house!? Now you can with these very cool services, as suggested by So you may pay a little more, but with that higher price comes more options. Check out these services and let me know if you have had any success with one service or another!

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 11.13.23 AM

This site is fantastic for finding something unique for your style or social settings that you may frequently be in. Whether it is happy hour after work or a night out on the town with friends, Bomb Fell has you covered.

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 11.13.48 AM

This site may not be as close to business wear, but if you are looking for clothing to wear at a group outing or something casual, this service is for you.


Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 11.14.34 AM

High quality dress shirts at a high quality price. You can get three shirts for $150 that will last as long as you keep them.

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 11.14.54 AM

Want to step up your tie game? Root Bizzle makes it easy to accomplish this from the lovely confines of your home. Order from them and receive a silk tie or bow tie. This service can also provide two pairs of socks for $20.

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 11.15.12 AM

A service that truely caters to you. You tell them your style and what you would like and they give you options. If you don’t like something or is too expensive, send it back and you won’t be charged. What can you hate about that?

Time to suit up!

You just got done typing up your fifth cover letter and sent out your resume. You turned off the lights at your desk and move to the kitchen. You pop in the plate full of pizza rolls and go back to binge watching that show everyone has been talking about at your part time job.

It’s way too easy to fall in the dark hole of binge watching.

These are the times we are likely going to forget about the application process, but it is time to focus on the very tiny light at the end of the tunnel: your first job and the professional world.

Guys, its time to move away from the sweatpants and the basketball hoodie from high school and button up, throw on some nice slacks, and tie that tie tight. Here is a quick first glimpse at some big mistakes commonly made, courtesy of Kinowear.

  1. “Clothes that don’t fit” – Baggy clothes aren’t all that flattering to the body. If you want to look slimmer and more clean cut, try going to a smaller size that fits you.

    This means moving on from the same shirt that you wore to prom. Photo: Fahad Faisal
  2. “Being too ‘buttoned’ up” – Just because a jacket has buttons, doesn’t mean you have to use them all. It is typical for all use of the jacket or coat to never use all of the buttons at once. One thing that you should do is always have the bottom button undone.  Check out this guide on what buttons to use!
  3. Dirty shoes – This is something that is very easy to overlook. Any scuffs or dirt should be cleaned sooner than later. Make sure that shoe laces are laced neatly to ensure you don’t look like a slob.
A clean shoe makes for a happy man!


It’s time to take a journey into the professional world. I’m right here with you on this wonderful trip into adulthood. Use these tips to clean up and look like you are ready to take the world by storm!