Time to Tie it All Together

Last weekend, I went to an awards banquet for the end of the year party for the major that I am studying. Time to dress up, but how dressed up do you get? Is it semi-formal? Casual? Formal?giphy (1)

In this case, I went semi-formal and in hindsight, was the best decision. But that brought me to the next question, what tie do I wear? Ties are an area in the dress attire that you can really express yourself. There are millions of different colors, patterns, sizes and types. For the awards banquet, I went with a purple paisley bow tie and it went over very well.

When making a decision on ties, there are a few factors to consider:


1.What is the event you are going to?

If its another day at the office, it is better to go with more neutral colors. It may get bland after a while, so try to encourage other coworkers to do a funky tie Friday!


2.What color shirt are you wearing?

You don’t want to clash colors too much because it will gather a lot of attention, and for the wrong reasons. Try to use a color palate similar to this:


3.What size or shape fits you best?

With the recent popularity in skinny ties and bow ties, you must carefully consider your choices when picking your tie. The skinny tie looks better with a slimmer fit shirt. If you wear a slim tie with a relaxed fit shirt, it may make the tie look small on your body.


4.What patterns match the shirt you choose?

This is a very difficult issue that I struggled with for a long time. Askmen.com does a good job describing some of the tips you should follow when choosing a pattern for a tie. One big thing to note, be careful when clashing patterns. It comes with mixed results.


I like to really shake it up when choosing a tie, and using all of these factors, you can experiment with different patterns and colors. What is your favorite pattern on a tie? Let me know below!



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