Buying Cheap, Looking Rich


Giving you tips on how to wear clothes can be helpful, but if I don’t help you find where to get the best clothes to up your style, am I doing you any justice?
In my pursuit to make you stand out in the office or at your next business meeting, I have located a few places to look for great clothing options at a relatively low rate.
Finally, he’s giving us what we want!
There are a few things that come in to play when looking for great clothing:
  1. Quality over quantity. If you are offered six shirts for $100, it may seem like a great deal. Look at the linens the shirt is made of. The fitting of the shirt and the way it lays is important.
  2. Make sure it fits. You don’t want to spend your time in a pair of pants that are one sit down away from splitting at the seams. Check the size and if it is a little loose, see a tailor to help put your wardrobe together. Take a look at some of these online, custom fit stores.
Here is a small list of higher quality places has listed for a well-rounded wardrobe.
Next, here is another small list of places to shop that may be a little better on the wallet. These stores may typically be found in shopping malls in your area, so this is one way to save time AND money.
Lastly, here is a great place to check for those super deals. Places like Overstock may not have the selection that you want, but the prices are normally fantastic. If you are in a bind and are looking for a quick item to last for a while, check some discount stores. Who knows, you may find something that fits and becomes a staple in your wardrobe!

What do you guys think? Is there a place that works best for you that no one knows about? Where do you buy your clothes? Let me know in the comments below!


Don’t Slack on the Slacks


Some guys have the problem of just finding pants that fit, but when dressing professionally, that is only one aspect to keep in check when picking out the right pair of dress pants.



Sizing is a huge component of looking proper in your professional dress attire. Pants too loose and baggy make you look like a slob and gives off a look like you care about what you look like.


Too tight pants can make it extremely uncomfortable for you, and everyone else, to go about your day. Find a nice relaxed pair of pants that fit snug, but you can move around in comfortably to make a day in dress clothes much more bearable.


Next, make sure that the color of the pants match the color of the suit jacket that you are wearing. Although it is preferred to wear one, if you aren’t wearing a jacket, you have a little more flexibility with your pants choice but make sure that the shoes you wear match the pants! I would also take in to account the color of your dress shirt as well. Lighter color shirts go well with darker color pants.

Lastly, BEWARE OF THE PLEATS! Some may enjoy the design of pleats, but the look that it gives off is unflattering to the body. My opinion would suggest to have only one crease down the middle.

Fashion does change year to year, and sometimes faster, so don’t burn up all of those slacks yet. The look could be in again in a new fashion cycle soon. Do you have any problems with pants? Is sizing the issue or matching a problem? Comment your thoughts!