Sock it to me!

Wearing a suit can really grab attention.You are looking good and stand out from other people in their casual wear.


Unfortunately, with all that attention, it means YOU have to pay attention to detail.Wrinkles, too many buttons buttoned, oversized or undersized clothes can really takedown on the quality of your look. One area that cannot be overlooked is the socks. It’s time to move away from the white tube socks. Save the ankle socks for casual wear. Go to the store and find a high quality dress sock. Your feet will thank you and it will complete your look.

Silver Suit, White Socks
Even with his flashy silver suit, you can’t help but notice the white socks.

It’s the little things that can really put your suit over the top and socks are one thing that can make or break your outfit. It’s an age old question as to what should your socks match.

giphy (1).gif
Pants or shoes?

According to, you ALWAYS match your socks to your pants. It is important to match to the pants because when you sit down or take off your shoes, your socks are exposed. No one wants to be seen wearing brown socks with black pants, even if you have brown shoes.

If you want to have a little fun with it and use some colors or patterns, check out this very thorough write up on the! How do you wear your socks when you wear a suit? Tell me about your style!


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