Time to suit up!

You just got done typing up your fifth cover letter and sent out your resume. You turned off the lights at your desk and move to the kitchen. You pop in the plate full of pizza rolls and go back to binge watching that show everyone has been talking about at your part time job.

It’s way too easy to fall in the dark hole of binge watching.

These are the times we are likely going to forget about the application process, but it is time to focus on the very tiny light at the end of the tunnel: your first job and the professional world.

Guys, its time to move away from the sweatpants and the basketball hoodie from high school and button up, throw on some nice slacks, and tie that tie tight. Here is a quick first glimpse at some big mistakes commonly made, courtesy of Kinowear.

  1. “Clothes that don’t fit” – Baggy clothes aren’t all that flattering to the body. If you want to look slimmer and more clean cut, try going to a smaller size that fits you.

    This means moving on from the same shirt that you wore to prom. Photo: Fahad Faisal
  2. “Being too ‘buttoned’ up” – Just because a jacket has buttons, doesn’t mean you have to use them all. It is typical for all use of the jacket or coat to never use all of the buttons at once. One thing that you should do is always have the bottom button undone.  Check out this guide on what buttons to use!
  3. Dirty shoes – This is something that is very easy to overlook. Any scuffs or dirt should be cleaned sooner than later. Make sure that shoe laces are laced neatly to ensure you don’t look like a slob.
A clean shoe makes for a happy man!


It’s time to take a journey into the professional world. I’m right here with you on this wonderful trip into adulthood. Use these tips to clean up and look like you are ready to take the world by storm!



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